How to dress a beach party

Plan Your Attire for a Beach Party
Step 1

Pack an extra bathing suit just in case yours gets too sandy or you want to wear a dry one. Visit Evite for more beach party dress tips.
Step 2

Bring additional layers of clothing for the cooler nighttime weather. Some beach parties go from day into night, so you'll want to be sure you have a sweatshirt, light pants or cardigan to ward off the chill. Nothing takes the fun out of a beach party quite like shivering with cold.
Step 3

Plan for socializing in your beachwear. Be comfortable in your attire. If you are self-conscious about how you look in a bathing suit, wrap a sarong around your waist or consider comfy beach shorts. Guys can wear tank tops and shorts. There's nothing wrong with covering up a little if it puts you at ease.
Step 4

Accessorize your outfit. Do not wear your most expensive jewelry, but add little accents for a nice touch. Add to your dress or outfit with colorful bangle bracelets or scarves. A long, lariat-style necklace can look very sexy with a bikini, and a rope-and-shell necklace can be very hip.
Step 5

Dress appropriately for the theme. Some hosts will encourage you to wear Hawaiian outfits. For ladies, wear a floral print dress, shorts and a floral top or a miniskirt and tank. Guys can choose khaki shorts and a floral shirt or a brightly colored T-shirt or tank top.
Step 6

Slip into appropriate footwear. If the party is on the beach, pack a pair of water shoes and sneakers for any games you might participate in. Wearing flip flops or flat sandals is also acceptable for a beach party.

source : ehow.com